What to do Car Accident

Here you will learn what to do during a car accident. A car accident occurs when a car runs into another vehicle or any object (ex. Building, Roadblock, Pedestrian, etc. ). Also, a car accident is an unexpected event. Accidents can happen in various ways. But we must always keep our calm.

What to do During a Car Accident

Losing our minds can cause irreparable and unfortunate events. As a responsible person, you must follow your responsibilities.

Let’s learn about what you should do during a car accident. If you are more cautious enough, you can avoid unwanted situations.

It’s a known fact that accidents can happen anywhere. It’s right for you not to have this experience.

Scene One

Suppose your car crashed, and it’s on fire. You jammed inside your vehicle, and it’s creating fumes.

Step 1

Your car has crashed, But you are not. You have to survive, so keep your mind calm and think straight. Don’t panic. Just take a deep breath. You’ll feel better.

Step 2

You’ve got a clear mind. Now try to unlock your door and seat belts. Most of the car crashes, seat belts, and doors don’t work. So you have to break a window and get out from there.

If your seat belt jammed, Then you have to cut it off. Keep emergency tools(ex. Glass Hammer, Belt Cutter) in your car to stay safe on these occasions.

Carry your emergency tools somewhere in the center point of the car; So everybody in the vehicle could get them quickly. If you don’t have any means, find out something sharp and cut your seat belt. NB. You could get injured while breaking the windshield or window. Break the glass from the top so you can quickly push it outside.

Step 3

If you managed to get out of the car, then keep a distance from the car, take a quick photo of your car’s damaged parts. (For Insurance Claim)

Step 4

Call (911 or Whatever the emergency service number according to your country) in the emergency experts. Don’t try to handle everything by yourself; always call the emergency helpline.

Step 5

Protect the accident scene until the experts reach you and prevent further accidents. And according to the insurance policy, the accident vehicle stays remain where it took place. If it’s night and your headlights are not working, then use a flashlight or radium stick. For emergencies, keep those in your car.

Step 6

Call the Police and Report everything. For any Insurance claim, you need a police complaint. Tell them everything happened and make a proper record of your complaint. Tell them everything without any hesitation. Answer their questions correctly for investigation.

Step 7

Check for any possible body injuries. For avoiding significant injuries, go to the nearest emergency room. If you are unharmed, then don’t worry. But always check for damages to your or other passengers.

Step 8

Recovering from a devastating accident, you have a good chance of forgetting the same incident and having flashbacks later. Worse, you could have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This happens because our brain wants to live and doesn’t want us to die as a reflex. So we can’t remember any accident memories. Ask an experienced physiatrist to help you.

For other possible Cases

Don’t drive while you’re going through depression, stress, or any medical issue.

But still, if you drove and had an accident, keep your firm grip on the breaks.

If you hit any object on the road, your head may hit on the steering. Try to avoid direct switching the steering, although it happens in an instant.

In the worst case,

If you hit any person with your car, Then don’t run away. Call 911 and take him to the hospital. Your cautiousness could save someone’s valuable life.

If you’re stuck in ice,

Then steer with the root of the skit. Follow the automobile movement. If it’s sliding to the left, move your car to the left. Before pushing the break or pressing in the accelerator, wait until your tires come back with traction again.

Scene Two

Suppose your car has lost control and fell into the water (ex. Ditch, Pond, River)

Step 1

Don’t panic; you’re drowning in water, and if you panic, there won’t be enough oxygen in the car.

Step 2

Unbuckle your seat belts slowly, and try to open the window. If everything jammed, break the window using car tools or use your Shoe Heel or your seat stiletto heel. And don’t forget to push the glass outside and break it from the top.

If you fail, to break the window, then wait until the car submerges underwater. After drowning, pressure inside & outside of the vehicle will be equal. Now push the door with your feet as much as you can. And you will be able to open the door, take the last bit of air inside and swim your way to the surface.

Step 3

Get out of the car and take passengers also if you have any. If you have Kinds with you, then pull out the oldest at first, then the youngest. Kids often panic too much while drowning; make sure they’re okay.

Step 4

While swimming, follows the air bubbles on your way to the ground. When a car drowns, the water surrounding it gets cloudy so that you could lose the way to the surface. You can also lose your way from fear or panic, so keep you’re calm, follow the bubbles don’t panic.

Step 5

Swim Slowly toward the bank and cake passengers with you. Please don’t get their weight on you.

Step 6

Check for possible physical injuries. If any survivors are not breathing, give them a mouth to mouth and bring them back to the normal state.

Step 7

After coming out from the water:

  1. Try to get help.
  2. If you still have your phone with you, call the emergency number 911.
  3. If you don’t have your phone, try to find someone with a phone or a telephone booth and get emergency services.

Step 8

Report your accident to the police, file a formal report, and keep a log of the details. Describe the details confidently.

So, follow the given steps again, roll out from the car or break out the window, and get out as quickly as you can.

Every year,

More than 5 out of Ten people get injured in car accidents because they don’t wear seat belts. In 2018 there are almost 34K people died in the United States. You always can’t be with your loved ones, so keeping them safe in the worst-case scenario also places an emergency tool supply in the car. And Remember, put them in some comfortable position.

Stay Cautious; Stay Safe.

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