This article is about turn off voicemail on iPhone; Do you have an iPhone, then you should have viewed the voicemail feature. Most people who depend on this feature can schedule appointments and contact their clients. Therefore, this feature is quite suitable when activated. However, sometimes you may also want to turn off voicemail on your iPhone, for example, when travelling to a foreign country.

In different cases, for those using iOS 10, 11, 11.1, and 11.3, the voicemail function can sometimes be problematic. Some users say that the voicemail display sometimes can jam up, as a result, making it tough to move to the following voicemail. This has induced the want to disable voicemail on iPhone. If you experience any of the above troubles and prefer to disable voicemail, this section is for you.

In this article, you can follow the easy steps on how to disable voicemail on iPhone each time you choose to tour and any relevant data that will assist you to manage your voicemail system efficiently without any extra charges. If you are unable to disable the iPhone voicemail feature by any chance, please contact the customer help of your provider issuer to assist you through.

Step 01

  1. Start by pressing on the phone icon found on your iPhone’s home. Next step, enter the numbers *#62#, then call the number to identify your voice mailbox number.
step 01 go to voice mail setting on iphone

Step 02

2. Now, go to the keypad on your phone and then type the number #404 and then call so that you can turn off voicemail on your iPhone. After that, you can try to reach your voicemail box to confirm if you have a new message.

go to iphone setting and find voicemail setting

Step 03

3. Go to the setting on your iPhone. When the menu opens, tap on the phone icon and then go to the call forwarding. At this point, type the voice mailbox number in the space that will be provided and then you can now exit after saving the settings.

find call forwarding on iphone

You also have the option to enabling divert calls on your iPhone in case you wish. When you have disabled the voicemail, dial #61#; your phone will have a ‘no answer’ response if anyone is trying to reach you. You also have the option of dialing 67 for dynamic user response.

If you wish to reactivate the voice mailbox feature, you can dial 004# and call.

Also, You can dial *611 to contact iPhone providers for help, or you can get your service’s toll number.

  • T-Mobile: 1–877–453–1304
  • Verizon: 1–800–922–0204
  • AT&T: 1–800–331–0500
  • Sprint: 888–211–4727

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